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Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders

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This event brings together New York's media community at Irving Plaza for a "one-night only" CAREOKE (karaoke) concert featuring 20+ courageous groups from all levels of the media industry. The past seven years' sold-out events raised more than $800,000 that directly benefited the deserving children of The Valerie Fund. Help us get to $1,000,000! Our goal this year is to raise $200,000.

When Valerie Goldstein's parents founded The Valerie Fund in 1976, their dream was to help children receive high-quality medical and emotional care in a nurturing environment close to their homes. Today, there are seven Valerie Fund Children's Centers treating more than 4,000 kids in our tri-state area. In fact, one of the centers is located right here in Manhattan, at Columbia University's New York Children's Hospital.

Thank you all for your support! The 9th annual CAREoke for the kids has yet again, been a success! We look forward to seeing you there next year.

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