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Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders

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“The Valerie Fund is staffed in a way that it meets the needs of the whole child and the whole family. It is a team approach to treatment in which everyone, especially the patients and their families, benefits.”

---Lizzie’s mom

Our Programs and Services

Is it good for the kids?

This is the simple question that directs the priorities of The Valerie Fund in clinic, board and staff meetings. Does it improve their quality of life? Does it help patients experience the same simple childhood pleasures that their peers enjoy? Does it help the children heal faster, better? Will it help them feel "normal"?

Since The Valerie Fund was established in 1976 by Ed and Sue Goldstein in memory of their daughter Valerie and the first Valerie Fund Children's Center opened at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, many thousands of children have received treatment for cancer and blood disorders through The Valerie Fund. Today, children can receive their treatment close to their homes in seven Centers at community-based and academic hospitals in four hospital systems in New Jersey, New York City and metro Philadelphia.

What exactly do we mean by "treatment"?

The medical care that is delivered by top-notch physicians and nurses highly specialized in pediatric oncology and hematology is the centerpiece of the patients' comprehensive treatment at The Valerie Fund Children's Centers.
Active participation in The Children's Oncology Group, a cooperative research project sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, enables Valerie Fund patients to have access to highly advanced therapeutic options, including new treatment protocols and investigative drugs.  "Comprehensive treatment" flows from multiple disciplines in order to help right lives thrown out of balance. These disciplines include social work, child life services, psychology, integrative medicine, palliative care, educational liaison services and survivorship issues, all of which address the physical, emotional, psychological, developmental and logistical manifestations of life-threatening childhood illnesses. These services are seldom covered by health insurance and so with the strength of a growing community of supporters behind us, The Valerie Fund continues to increase these services at no cost to our patient families.

The Valerie Fund is also home to Camp Happy Times, a week-long summer camp program for kids who have or have had cancer regardless of where they are treated or where they are from. Camp Happy Times has long been called "a one-week miracle."

The Valerie Fund Children's Centers treat more than 4,000 children with cancer and blood disorders each year. The Valerie Fund provides all of the non-medical  support for patients and their families.  The practitioners who deliver this care are integral members of The Valerie Fund treatment team, working side by side with doctors and nurses who deliver the medical care.  Non-medical support includes the following:

Child Life Specialists
Clinical Research
Educational Liaison
Late Effects Coordinator
On-site psychologists
Palliative Care
Pediatric Oncologists and Hematologists
Social Workers
The Valerie Fund, Thomas J. Rice Grief Support Program

We strongly believe that by supporting families, we greatly enhance the quality of life for all, as well as the survival rates of our patients.

For a complete list of program funding opportunities, click here or contact Lori Abrams at (973) 761-0422 or


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