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Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders

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“They helped tremendously by giving us knowledge. They explained thoroughly the treatment and the drugs needed and how the disease would affect my body.”


Resource Center

Educated and aware patients and families are critical members of the "treatment team." That is why each of our Centers offers a Family and Patient Resource Center, featuring a full library of educational materials for families to learn more about illness and treatment. At the Resource Center, patients and their families are able to find informational medical videos (including videos on specific childhood cancers and treatment procedures), medical teaching dolls, (which help young children learn about their illness through play), computer software (which provides fun and educational games,) and workbooks geared towards helping children understand their illness and treatment. The resource collection is multi-lingual and contains a great diversity of subject matter specific to a myriad of diagnoses.

Here is a list of helpful websites to families of children with cancer.
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults


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