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On Saturday, June 8th, our family will be walking again with our son, Gavin, to help raise money for the Valerie Center at the Goryeb Children's Hospital in Morristown, NJ. Gavin has been undergoing treatment at the Valerie Center since December 2016 for high-risk Philadelphia-like acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

We hope you will consider joining us, so the Valerie Center can continue to support Gavin and all of the children and families we've met along the way there. We also pray this will be Gavin's last year walking as a patient undergoing treatment (he is set to finish treatment in April 2020), so I know he would love for you all to be there to support him!! Our brave boy has had many ups, downs, and setbacks along the way, but he has always faced it with a level of maturity, courage, and humor that is truly humbling. We are immensely grateful to his doctors, nurses, and all the staff at the Valerie Center who have treated him with the best medical care and attention as he continues on this journey.

If you can’t join us, please consider giving a 100% tax deductible donation to "Gavin’s Gang". Many companies offer matching gift programs and may match your contribution dollar for dollar! No amount is too small.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Gavin over the last few years - it has meant the world to all of us.

With much love,
The Callow Family
Andy, Carolyn, Tristan, Duncan, and Gavin

Our Team

Aidan Maloney $35
Aimee Shepherd $35
Albert Youssef $206
Alberto Torres $11
- From a former Valerie Fund patient to a current fighter, I wanted to wish you and your family all of the luck & blessings in the world, Gavin!! Keep fighting the good fight. To The Callow Family, please know that The Torres Family has each and everyone one of you in our prayers, we know first hand of the fight you are all fighting. From Alberto's Angels to Gavin's Gang, let's show the world that Valerie Fund Kids (young and old, current and former) know how to KICK SOME BUTT!!
Alicia Grippi-Virag $129
Amelia Donnelly $35
Andrew Callow $35
Andrew Callow $500
Andrew Callow - BNY Mellon Matching Gift PLEDGE $320
Andrew Callow - Bank of New York Melon Matching Gift PLEDGE $630
Andrew Callow -BNY Mellon Matching Gift PLEDGE $250
Ann Edwards $206
Anne-Marie Mora $38
Anonymous $129
Anonymous $2060
Anonymous $125
Anonymous $89
Anonymous $515
Anonymous $10000
Antoinette Monti $125
Barb Markey $125
Benjamin Flakker $35
Brendan Deegan $52
- Bummed to miss the walk but hope you have an amazing day!
Bridgeport Diocesan Schools $189
Brody Stogner $35
Cadence Flakker $35
Carolyn Callow $395
Carolyn Callow - KKR Matching Gift $500
Carolyn Tenney $166
Carson Donnelly $35
Cayleigh Kaiser $45
Charles Maloney $35
Cherniak Family Foundation $500
Chris Kaiser $45
Clare Masterson $50
Courtney Kaiser $45
Cynthia Hovanec $129
David H Lovato $35
David Lovato $38
Deirdre Grady $35
Diane Pavese $39
Donata von Kanitz $52
Donna Sittmann $258
- Good luck to you all!
Duncan Callow $35
Eileen Kiernan $103
Elizabeth Jehle $41
- Can't wait!
Evan Cronin $35
Gabriel O'Brien $35
Gavin Callow
Geraldine Molloy $45
Isabel Lopez $35
- Keep on fighting!! We love you all!!❤️
Issy Oleksiuk $35
Jackie Fishbein - KKR Matching Gift $97
Jackie Fishbein $103
Jake Stephanak $35
James Maloney $35
Jean Gray $45
- You are never alone Gavin!
Jennifer Jehle - Maloney - KKR Matching Gift $402
Jennifer Jehle-Maloney $297
Ji-May Jen $89
Jim Flakker $45
John Cronin $82
Julie Hymans $35
Kathleen Haber - KKR Matching Gift $100
Kathleen Haber $103
Kathleen Hahn $52
Kathy Edwards $103
- Wishing you all a great day for the walk!
Keith Grover $129
- All the way for Gavin's Gang! Much Success!
Ken Donnelly $35
Kenneth Mehlman $500
Kevin McGrory $35
Kim Schumacher $26
Kim and Tom Heim $129
- Good luck Gavin!
Kristin DiGregorio $200
Kristine Oleksiuk $160
- We can't wait to walk with the most courageous guy we know!!
Lauren Zingaro-Toth $52
Lindsey and Peter Stavros $2000
Lori Donnelly $40
Lucas Jehle $35
Maria Ramos $129
Marie McGrory $90
Mark Feirman $125
- Go Team Gavin!!!
Mary Beth Ayres $129
Mary Wussow $129
- So proud to support Gavin’s Gang! We love you all!
Matt Grainger $129
Matt Seward $37
- Matt is so excited to join the walk this year!
Maureen Holland $43
Maureen Kaiser $35
Max Hymans $35
Michele Henson $21
Nancy Labiner $129
Nathaniel Zilkha $1030
Nicholas Mora $35
Noah Oleksiuk $35
Nora Gallagher $45
On Behalf of the Van Fechtmann Family $250
On behalf of Mike and Sandra Callow $320
Patrick Mattson $250
Robert Oleksiuk $35
Robert Pavese $35
Sabrina Blom $26
Sandra and Michael Callow $130
Shawn Connolly $129
Shayna Stephanak $35
St Rose School $988
Susie & Fred Kinch $103
Suzanne Kimelman $43
Thorburn Family $155
- Sorry we can’t be there on Saturday! Have a great time at the walk!
Tim & Erin Carroll $52
Todd Shepherd $84
Todd Shepherd $35
Todd Shepherd $35
Tristan Callow $35
Vanessa Lew $45
Veralinda Gambino $43
Vincent Pavese $35



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