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During October of 2017, I started feeling a sharp pain in my right glute during cross country practice. Thinking it was nothing more than a running injury, I started rolling out and stretching more consistently and went about my way. Flash forward to December and the pain has only gotten worse. I could no longer sit in a chair for over fifteen minutes and I started doing my homework laying down on my stomach on my bedroom floor. Eventually, I had to tell my coach that I couldn't run winter track and started physical therapy for a terrible case of sciatica that prevented me from sleeping and going to school. Finally, on December 23 I had an MRI that revealed a mass near my sacrum; and on December 26 I had a surgical biopsy which revealed that mass to be a rare form of bone cancer known as Ewing's Sarcoma.
As I sit here writing this, on the 14th of December, it has almost been 1 whole year since I was diagnosed with cancer. Since then I have finished 14 cycles of chemotherapy, proton-therapy radiation, and lung radiation and am currently NED (in remission). I am still receiving a trial drug at the Valerie center in Morristown, which will finish up in the Spring (before the walk)!
Cancer has changed my life and I will never be the same person I was before. But the support the Valerie Fund provides has helped me navigate this new world that I have found myself in.
Please join me and the rest of team Liv Strong on June 8th as we walk and run to raise money for the Valerie Fund and all of the families that it benefits.

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