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Turning Pain into Purpose

2008-the year it all changed-the diagnosis, the first surgery, the fear of the unknown. Fast forward to 2019. Although we are 3 surgeries in and continue with MRIs and doctor visits, until anyone tells us differently our daughter Bella is a healthy teenager about to graduate high school and go off to college in the fall. There were days that we didn't know if all of this would be possible. We have been blessed with an army of friends and family that have gone through it all with us. The Valerie Fund has been a part of that army. Team Bella's Bunch is not so much about Bella although we have named the team after her and it reminds us of all she has been through. Team Bella's Bunch is more about all the kids in the green shirts that are currently fighting the fight. It's about their parents that have heard the words out of a doctor's mouth that has forever changed them. We are all a part of this club that nobody signed up for and so we show up year after for them-the ones that are still fighting to let them know WE ARE WITH YOU! Walk with us! Run with us! Donate with us! THANK YOU for being a part of Bella's Bunch 2019 and a part of something so much bigger than all of us.

Our Team

Amanda Darnowski $103
- So sorry we missed the walk this year!
Angela Londergan $35
- We love you Bella! The Londergan Family
Angela Minichiello $37
- You go Bella's Bunch!!!
Anna Antanies $35
Anonymous $51
Bella Rocco
Brielle Amato $78
Carluccio Family $50
Cavan Londergan $45
Colin Londergan $35
D.J. Rocco $35
David Simone $35
Dawn Anderson $45
Denise DePietro $50.00
Diane Dorsey $37
Dina Beck $35
Domenic Rocco
Elaine Nicolicchia $35
Ferdinando Caldarone $26
Frederic Amato $500
Gemma Simone $35
Giovanna Simone $35
Irene Kolatalo $45
Irene Kolatalo $45
Jenna Beck $35
Jennifer Black $50
Jo-Ann Vargas $25
- Pat/Bella: sorry I am late :-(
JoAnn Cavallo $45
John Antanes $35
John Cavallo $100
Kendall Amato $35
Lacie Porcelli $35
Laura Rocco $35
Liam Londergan $35
Liliana Rocco $35
Linda Egger $40
Linda Egger $35
Linda Egger $35
Linda Egger $35
Lisa Barrett $35
- Sending love to the Bella Bunch
Lisa Sanders $45
Lori Costic $35
Lou Amato $35
Lynda Buckley $35
Margaret Rocco $35
Maria Rocco $35
Michael and Anna Marie Simone $100
Monica Sanz $35
Morgan Amato $35
Naomi Moland $35
Nita Ranade $53
Northvail Elementary School $930
Olivia Buckley $35
Paolo Vicinelli $50
Pat Rocco $37
Patricia Rocco
Premkumar Ekkaladevi $10
Premkumar Ekkaladevi $10
Ralph Rocco $50
Ralph Rocco
Raquelle Rocco
Sallyann Bassi $26
Samuel Cavallo $35
Sebastian Sanz $35
Sharon Rovere $30
Sons of Italy $750
Steve & Rose McLaughlin $50
Susy Golderer $52
The Hoffmans $26
- Go Bella’s Bunch! God Bless!
Theresa Las $50
Tracy Amato $35
Vanita Ghosh $50
Victoria Vallo $125
gene & lisa bernardin $100



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