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Good vibes only! Wake up each morning with a smile! Keep on fighting!

Hello friends and family and amazing supporters!

Welcome to GG's Angels & BEND Don't Break!

This year the Valerie Fund Walk will be in a different month...but that will not stop us! We are again a joint team of Bend Don't Break & GG's Angels!!! We are both Valerie Fund families and warriors that live in Long Hill. Grace and Ben are strong cancer fighters, so please join us to honor them. Through your support during this walk you will also be supporting the amazing kids that are still in the fight as well as all of the services that The Valerie Fund provides to help the entire family when their child is diagnosed with cancer. The Eline's and the Herko's know first hand how valuable these resources and support are. Let's pay it back and rally together for this great organization!

For those that don't know Ben Herko: After a long and extremely painful three months of not getting the care he needed, he was finally diagnosed on 7/8/2019 with Pre B Cell ALL(Leukemia.)
He has been crushing his treatment thus far, but still has another two years to go. There is still a long battle ahead. Despite missing most of First Grade, Ben has rallied like a champ and nothing has really phased him despite lots of "routine" and some unplanned trips to the Valerie Center/Hospital where he is loved by all. He is a very happy, 8 year old who we have all learned so much from...especially during these not so ordinary times. Ben is excited to start the summer and greatly appreciates all the support and love he has received over this past year.

We want to keep the momentum from Grace's House and GG's Angels going in 2021!!! For those of you that need more info on Grace: In April of 2018 after almost 2 years of symptoms a mass was discovered around Grace's pituitary gland in the center of her brain. From that moment she went into several tests, scans, lumbar punctures, and blood draws over the next few weeks. She was diagnosed May 2, 2018 with Germinoma Brain Cancer and everything was so scary for her. The Valerie Fund helped Grace feel better with all of their therapists and support staff.
The Valerie Fund was not just amazing for Grace. It was also amazing for our family and friends.
The crew at the Valerie Fund is the best there is. They have helped Grace come through 4 rounds of chemo and 24 rounds of Proton radiation. Grace is currently showing No Evidence of Disease (NED) and will continue to have scans for the rest of her life. Grace was able to represent all TVF kids at the 2019 State Of The Union address with the President and First Lady. She continues to keep up advocacy in Trenton and Washington DC to continue to help fight pediatric cancer. Through Grace's Pop Pop plus the amazing staff at the main TVF office AND outstanding designers TVF had a designer show house in was unbelievable and the good vibes from it were contagious. We are so honored and proud of the crew that made all of that happen. Again, it would not have been possible without the support of all of you! Thank you!

Let's keep it going!

Please register to walk or run on our team.

If you cannot walk with us - please consider donating to this amazing organization in honor of Ben & Grace. Every bit makes a difference to give help to the kids that are fighting just like Ben & Grace. THANK YOU!

Our Team

Abby Hansen $35
Addison Perruna $35
Aisling Butler $50
Alyse Franklin $35
Andrea Piazza $46
Andrea Sherwood $100
- BEN you are a WARRIOR!!! LOVE YOU!
Andrea Viegas $35
Annie Jablonski $47
Anonymous $52
Anonymous $129
Anthony Brattole $35
Antonio Brattole $35
Ashley Simo $35
Aubrey Reichard-Eline $39
Bailey Weiner $35
Barbara DaGraca $103
Bella Weiner $35
Ben Herko
Bernardo Family Bernardo $300
Brayden Weiner $35
Brian Johnstone $35
Brian Marino $35
Brian Szekeres $50
Brian Szekeres $50
Camryn Lawrence $35
Carla Dorsi $38
Charles Dunster - PFIZER MATCH $50
Charlotte Johnstone $35
Christina Russotti $129
- Good luck to all of you that are walking or running on Saturday.
Christine Raymond $38
Christopher Dorsi $35
Christopher Perruna $35
Corinne Lawrence $35
Dale Jack $357
- Honored to be a part of this!
Dan Eline $35
Dana Johnstone $35
Danielle Barritta $35
Danielle Raymond $35
Dave, Nikki & Charlie $129
- Go Ben & team!!!! XOXO
David Jack $35
Denise Bush $41
Dina Lapetina $35
Don Stohrer $35
Douglas Herko $35
Elizabeth Herko $39
Elizabeth Wood $37
Emily Vuocolo $89
Franki Marino $35
Gavin Lawrence $35
Gisela Perruna $41
Grace Eline
Holly Monguso $26
Irene Leavy $26
- Keep being strong Ben and Grace. Love Franki's Grandma Irene
Jack Franklin $35
Jackie Rugolo $89
James Talerico $35
Jarrett Embry $38
Jarrett Embry $129
- BEN-D DON'T BREAK, WE LOVE YOU BEN! Jarrett & Patrice
Jason Franklin $86
- Bend Don't Break with Grace, Love the Franklin's
Jeffrey Rivera $103
Jen Talerico $347
Jennifer Brattole $127
Jennifer Chang $46
Jodi Linskey $35
John Barrasso $37
John J Barrasso
John Terzo $129
Jon Schoeler $1068
- Go Ben Go!
Joseph Hubert $35
Joseph Perruna $35
Juanita Lawrence $40
Judi Schoeler $35
Jules Stohrer $35
Julia Schoeler $309
Karen Torpey $35
Karen Torpey - VERIZON MATCH PLEDGE $105
Kate Wilkes $103
Katelyn Hubert $35
Katelyn Johnstone $35
Keira Torpey $35
Keith Reinfeld $46
Kim Berkowiz $105
Kimberly Berkowitz $103
Krista Feeney $35
Kristen Hubert $35
Kristin Milewski $166
- We love you Ben and are so proud of you
Kyle Franklin $35
Landon Eline $35
Laura Lopez $45
Lauren Franklin $35
Lauren Cortese $52
- Love you guys!
Lauren Hadi $35
Leah Hansen $35
Lee-David Weiner $35
Lena Stohrer $35
Lisa Wood $46
Liz Walker $35
Lizzie Stellato $35
Louis Rossi $37
Lynne Minto $35
- So happy to be a part of this great cause
Madeline Dec $35
Mae Higgins $46
- Keep running strong Ben and Grace!!
Maeve Linskey $35
Maia Hadi $35
Marc Berman $40
Maria (Vovo) Monteiro $35
Marianne and Peter Herko $1030
María Petricioli $35
- Go Grace and Ben!! We are sorry we will be away but we’ll cheer for you guys!
Matthew Hubert $35
Matthew Botein $500
Megan Stellato $39
Michael Milewski $35
Michael Smargiassi $100
Michelle Zollo
Mohammed Hadi $95
Monica Dec $35
Naree Suarez $35
Nick Barrasso
Nicole Johnstone $41
Nora Herko $35
Olivia Stellato $35
Owen Lapetina $38
Patrice Embry $35
Rich Rossi $46
Sam and Emily Peterson $206
Sam and Emily Peterson $206
Samara Hadi $35
Sara Rossi $38
Sienna Simo $35
Sophia Viegas $35
Stella Viegas $35
Stephanie Stohrer $35
Suzie Rossi $35
The Dunsters $52
The Traina's $129
Theresa Marino $35
Tim Simo $35
Tim Torpey $35
Travis Feeney-Berman $35
Wyatt Feeney-Berman $35
erik berman $15



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