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We are looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends in September for the next Valerie Fund Walk/5K. We sincerely hope the world heals by then. It has been a very challenging time.

This year will be walking in honor of Michael and in remembrance of his grandfather, Rich Savare, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in late 2020. Pa was with us throughout Michael’s treatment and helped him recover from many procedures at The Valerie Fund Children’s Centers.

You are invited to join our team and walk or run with us in September for Michael and his Pa. Or, if you’d like to support us with a tax-deductible donation, any help you can give will be sincerely appreciated. Until that time, we wish you good health and pray that you are all safe.



In 2010, our son Michael was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at only 2 years old. Without question, it was the worst time of our lives, but the remarkable doctors, nurses and staff at the Morristown Valerie Fund Children’s Center saved our child and got us through his battle, both physically and emotionally.

The Valerie Fund has seven exceptional cancer centers for children in the tri-state area so kids can receive treatment close to home and families can stay together. **Michael will need to visit one of these centers for the rest of his life.** The Valerie Fund now treats over 6K childhood cancer and blood disorder patients each year, during 25K hospital visits. Sadly, that number has grown from 4K patients when we started walking. We would appreciate your help in reaching Michael's goal this year. Every donation, no matter the amount is sincerely appreciated! THANK YOU!!

We are extremely thankful that these superb children’s cancer centers are close to home. Within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital, the Valerie Fund doctors gave us an accurate diagnosis, a plan to combat the cancer and Michael had his first dose of chemotherapy. They saved his life!

Within 1 month, he was in complete remission. For 3 ½ years, we traveled to a Valerie Fund location for his treatments and, on March 15, 2013, Michael took his last dose of chemotherapy! He is currently in their Survivorship program. Now, we are even more thrilled to say that Michael has been in remission for over 11 years and he has been off chemo for over 8 years!!

Since there are Valerie Fund Children’s Centers nearby, our family was able to stay together throughout his entire treatment. He was able to get his chemo, come home to play with his sisters and get tucked into his own bed with good night kisses--from *both of his parents.* We are still able to go to all the follow-ups with oncologists and specialists without too much interruption to elementary school and his activities.

The Valerie Fund’s nurses care for him like we would, if we could. Their Child Life Specialists distract him and all the other kids while we wait for tests and during awful treatments. Their Social Workers still care for our emotional well-being. Their Educational Liaison helped Michael transition safely into school and will ensure that his educational needs are met through college. And, the onsite Neuro-psychologist checks to see that his cognitive functions are where they should be.

Beyond what they do for us, they do so much more for others: Financial Counseling to ensure that treatment costs can be managed; Integrated medicine and holistic treatments to help when drugs cannot; Palliative care to manage the symptoms and side effects of the illness and the treatment; Transportation services to get patients to the hospital when they otherwise couldn’t; Camp Happy Times to keep creating childhood memories despite treatment; Scholarships to help patients pursue higher education; Flashes of Hope to capture the moments; a Mom hotline to help them cope; and, a Grief Support Program when all hope is lost.

Today, Michael is a happy and healthy 13 year-old with a terrific outlook, but, our journey is very far from over. Michael will be treated by an oncologist at a Valerie Fund Center for the rest of his life. We have been incredibly lucky so far, but they need to check for lasting side effects, and to make sure that he doesn’t relapse or develop a secondary cancer. We try to focus on the happy news, but the reality is that we need the Valerie Centers around forever--for Michael and all the other kids fighting cancers and blood disorders. So, we walk (or run) and we invite you to join us.

This year’s Valerie Fund Walk/5K will be held on September 25th in Verona Park, Verona, NJ. As always, our team is called “Michael’s March” to show Michael how proud we are of him and to celebrate when he finished treatment. Following the 5K run and during the walk, there will be a fun-filled event with a variety of free food, music and kid-friendly amusements (bounce houses, character visits, face painting, etc.). If you can’t make it, please help us keep Valerie Fund centers local by supporting Michael’s team and this terrific non-profit with a completely tax-deductible donation for this wonderful, worthy cause!

We are truly overwhelmed by the love and support. Thank you for caring about Michael. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Jodi & Matt Savare

Our Team

Alayne Geller $129
- In memory of Richard Savare. So sorry for your loss. Also, keep going on strong, Michael!
Alexandra Savare $35
Allison Reynolds $100
Allison Reynolds - AIG PLEDGE MATCHING GIFT $100
Andrew Behlmann $129
Ann Hogan, Ben Funelas, Kerry Ann O'Neill, Milady Garcia, Yolanda Porter, Prashanthi Ravi, Daivon Bruce, Randi Suarez-Ojedas, Sheri Glover-Flanigan, Colleen Stern $284
- Our condolences to the family of Richard Savare. May his memory be for a blessing.
Anne Davey $46
Anonymous $129
Anonymous $52
Anonymous $30
Brian Silikovitz $309
Bryan Sterba $46
Christina Holder $103
Christine Osvald-Mruz $129
- Sending sincere condolences on the loss of your Dad, and warm wishes to the Savare family
Christopher Henry $1030
Clayton Hemmert $10914500
- In memory of Richard Thomas Savare
David Goret $309
- Sending condolences and love from the Goret Family on the passing of Richard Savare....
David Wagner $50
- My condolences to the Savare family. Mr Savare was a great man, a role model to me growing up
Deborah Charles $125
- In loving memory of Richard Savare from the Charles Family. Keep staying strong, Michael. You are a fighter!
Diana Gonzalez $46
Diane Estevez $52
- With deepest sympathy and love to the Savare family
Douglas Lippin $129
Ed Zimmerman $1000
Elaine Hughes $515
Elizabeth Hatfield $46
Eric Martin $25
Frandano family $52
Jacob Unger $103
Jane Steuerwald $86
Jen Widerstrom $1000
- In recognition of the incredibly special, Richard Savare. ❤️
Jennifer Alonge $125
- Our deepest condolences for the passing of Rich Savare. We continue to be grateful for Michael's health. Love, Uncle Joe, Aunt Jen, Anthony, and Joseph
Joan Lavis $129
- Thanks for posting this Matthew Savare
Jodi Savare $79
- Michael, we love you and only hope for your continued health and happiness. Love always Mommy & Dad
Jodie Kornfeld $46
Judith Grimes $52
- In the memory of Michael's grandfather, Rich Savare. Judi & Andy Grimes
Judy Park $26
Julie Werner $50
- Sincere condolences to the Savare family on the loss of your dad
Karyn & David Leit $100
Kathleen McGee $46
Ken MacFarlane $100
Larry Cohen $100
- In loving memory of Richard Savare and praying for continued good health for Michael.
Lauren Paino $44
Lisa Zafonte $103
- In loving memory of Richard Savare....heaven has another angel.
Lorraine and John Santamaria $250
- In memory of Richard Thomas Savare
Lorraine and John Santamaria MATCH $250
Lowenstein Sandler $100
- In memory of Richard Savare
Lynda Bennett $309
Marc Boff $515
- To All the Savare’s Rich will always be remembered for his smile, his warmth and of course his yard. I can still hear his laugh today. With the deepest sympathy, The Boff’s
Marcia and Evan Feibusch $50
Margaret Finnegan $125
- So sorry for your loss. Congratulations to Michael for his continuing good health.
Marita Makinen $515
- In memoriam Richard Savare - go Team Michael!
Mark Kesslen $258
- We are sorry for loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Mary Hildebrand $206
Matthew Hintz $129
Matthew Savare $45
Maya Brown $52
- Go #MichaelsMarch!!
Mia Savare $45
Michael Long $258
Michael Reinhardt $200
Michael Rettig $129
Michael Savare
Nadine Lorenzo $52
Pauline Furey $129
Roger Salomon $129
Scott Moss $118
Silvana Cosentini $50
Stacy, Isaac, and Abby Mansoura $103
Stephen Buckingham $100
- Sincerest condolences in memory of Richard Savare, and congratulations to Michael on his continued good health.
The Rivera Family $89
The Segall Family $52
Thomas A. Edison Media Arts Consortium $125
- The Trustees of the Thomas A. Edison Media Arts Consortium, is proud to honor Richard T. Savare grandfather of Michael Savare and father of Matthew Savare.
Tim Janas $108
- May the memory of Rich Savare be a blessing. Wishing Michael continued good health.
Vanessa Ignacio $515
- In memory of Richard Savare. With deepest sympathy and warmest thoughts. Love, Vanessa, Kyle, Sebastian and Astrid
Weiss Family $52
- Our condolences to the Savare family.



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