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Fourth Annual Mardi Gras Junior Board Gala

The Young Associates of the Valerie Fund invite you to join us at the Bowery Hotel on Saturday, March 22nd from 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM for the fourth annual Junior Board Gala. This Mardi Gras themed event promises to be a night of dancing and drinks, all for a great cause.

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To complement the mission and goals of the executive board, The Valerie Fund Junior Board aims to ensure the longevity of The Valerie Fund by engaging a younger generation of participants with the cause, and enlisting supporters to carry the organization into the future.  A primary focus of the Junior Board is to connect enthusiastic young professionals in the Valerie Fund’s many activities through the establishment of The Valerie Fund Young Associates program:

The Junior Board is seeking to attract upstanding individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 to serve as “Young Associates” of The Valerie Fund.  Young Associates will be invited to all Valerie Fund events, especially those social and service-oriented events exclusively targeted towards younger members. Additionally, Young Associates will have the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of the organization, including community outreach, social event planning, recruiting and fundraising. Young Associates will have the option to join Junior Board committees that suit their particular interests, and will be encouraged to contribute a suggested $20 of annual membership dues, which are fully tax-deductible.

Interested in getting involved with The Valerie Fund Young Associates program? Email Richard Kandel (, Justin Chukumba ( or Jeff Messer ( to learn more.

Junior Board

Savannah English - Co-Chair
Richard Kandel - Co-Chair
Jeff Messer - Co-Chair
J.C. Uva -
Justin Chukumba -
Adam Nowak -
Andrea Mangione -
Brian Lasky -
Cara Lewis -
Carolyn Arntsen -
Cassandra Greene -
Erika Gruppo -
David Krupnick -
Phoebe Lapine -
Chelsea Mintz -
Will Morel -
Elias Massood -
Emily Baldwin -
Eric Klein -
Joshua Slavitt -
Julia Abelkop -
Kerri Ford -
Mark Dimilia -
Mark Kavulich -
Matt Delaney -
Jim Tormey -

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