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My name is Matthew Hall. In October 2016, I just started my junior year at St Joseph's High School in Metuchen, NJ, and was in the middle of Cross Country track season. I started having back pain, but thought it was just a pulled muscle from running 35-40 miles per week. Within a week, my life changed forever - my family's lives were changed forever. The doctors found cancer in my back and my hip. I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia (a rare and aggressive cancer).

I received my treatment at the Valerie Center at Morristown Medical Center. The doctors, nurses, social workers and other members of the staff are now part of our family. I didn't feel like just another patient at the hospital to the doctors and nurses. I know they really cared that I got better. It's not just a job to them. To also see the social workers and other staff help my parents and me to ensure that I kept up with my schoolwork (the Valerie Fund provided the hospital with a VGo robot at my school so I could participate in class remotely), that I have activities each day (like the therapy dogs - I love Tahoe!), and even the tacos, ice cream and other goodies each day. They made every day a little less difficult. That meant so much to me.

On St Patrick's Day 2017, my treatment was done! On Good Friday 2017, my doctor told me that I was cancer free and in remission! I went back to school in May 2017 and graduated from high school in May 2018. I started college this past September at the University of Notre Dame and even got a job with the football team! I am so happy that I am finally back to normal!

To help assist the Valerie Fund with their mission and efforts, I spoke at their golf outings, galas, and even made an appearance on "CBS: This Morning". I have also been spending time with new patients and sharing my experiences during my treatment with them. Hopefully, I can make it a little less difficult for someone else.

The Valerie Fund has helped my family and me during this difficult time in our lives and it is important to me that others receive the same support. Please consider joining my team by making a donation and even participating in The Valerie Fund Walk with me. I'm not planning to walk, by the way, so good luck keeping up with me!

Our Team

Aileen Rodriguez $31
Alexandria Plaia $52
Amy Dreher $10
Amy Dreher $10
Amy Lewis $25
Anastasia Efimova $206
Andrea & Craig Horowitz $515
Andrea DonDiego $40
Andrea Resto $180
Andrea Rogers $26
- Rogers family Stands Tall for Hall!
Anita Tedesco $35
Anonymous $25
- Always keep going with God's help.
Anonymous $45
Anonymous $56
Anonymous $125
Anonymous $45
Anonymous $43
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $40
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $42
Anonymous $26
Anonymous $21
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $103
Anonymous $26
Anonymous $309
Artemis Anninos $206
Audrey Sullivan $21
Bart Friedman $500
- Congratulations
Ben Cohen $25
Bradley Bondi $300
Caren Biberman $129
Catherine Monek $50
- Thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause.
Chas Tedesco $35
- Changed to a Runner- Additional $10 Run donation on 4.8.19 (#54290)
Chas Tedesco $10
Christopher Clement $206
Clark Girl's Softball Opening Day Event $43
Claudia Barberio $40
Collin Dixon $45
Cristina Dominguez $40
Daniel Zubkoff $515
Danitza Ricigliano $40
Darren Silver $100
Davis Frank $45
Deana Gagnon $125
Debbir Genova $40
Denise O'Neill $103
Denise Stevens $52
Eileen McMahon $125
Elai KATZ $125
Elizabeth Arno $50
Eneida Diaz $26
Eric Fowler $40
Floyd Abrams $515
Gary Pogharian $47
George Seyfried $20
- Sorry I won’t be able to make it, but sending lots of support from Darien, CT. I Stand Tall for Hall! Very inspired by the way you guys give back to you community.
Gerard Consulmagno $125
Gerardine L. Medel $45
- Good luck Matt! I work with your Dad.
Hartnett Family Foundation, Inc. $1000
Helena Hall $52
Herbert Washer $300
Jack Boyle $45
Jacqueline Hartnet
Jacqueline Mintz $40
Jamel Figgs $25
James Clark $500
James Larish and Susanna Suh $500
Jason Hall $500
Jen Moog $100
- Matt - keep up the incredible work raising awareness to help find cures! #gameon
Jennifer DeJesus $20
- Always fight hard...
Jennifer Pittari $125
Jennifer Chau $129
Jill Burkhard $50
- To Matt- you are an inspiration to us all. Stand strong and TALL! Jill, Sammy, Rachel & Alison Burkhard
Jill, Sam, Rachel, Alison $25
Joan Frankel $129
Joanne Bothe $309
- Love you guys. Keep Standing Tall!
Joe Biondi $25
Joe Biondi $25
Joel Kurtzberg $500
John Passuth $40
John Hall
John Hall
John Tripodoro $500
Jon Thier $129
Julia Scafidi
Karen Moro $125
- We hope this helps
Kat $45
Katharine Hall
Kelly McHugh $40
Kerry Hall
Kim Iammartino $52
Kimberly Brazaitis $40
Kimberly Petillo-Decossard $309
Kristin Fowler $40
L. Howard Adams $125
Laura Hamm $20
Laura Hamm $20
Lauren Perlgut $50
Lawrence Kobrin $25
Linda Consulmagno $40
- Good Luck this Season!
Lisa Orlowski $25
- Alyssa Orlowski donation. Pompeii Pizza (Pee Wee)
Little Prince's Biggest Fan $11
Lou Scafidi
Louis Scafidi
Luis Penalver $515
Lynne Scafidi
Marc Lashbrook $129
Margaret O'Connor $45
Mark Conforti $125
Mary Ellen Pyar $26
Matina Koutroumbas $45
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hokanson $25
Megan Rice $43
Melissa Bueno $40
Melvin Fowler $40
Michael Sullivan $52
Michelle Erszkowicz $40
Mike Colpo $100
Miles Wiley $50
Monika Wlodarski $35
Patricia Gentile $45
Patrick Hartnett
Paul Desmond $250
Pravinkumar and Rekhaben Shah $25
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP $5000
Reagan Mooney $37
Renee Klein $43
Richard Stieglitz $180
Ross Sturman $129
S&S Tax and Financial Services $100
- Have a great season ladies. Walk for this great cause!!
Sallie Banaag $30
Sarah Gluck $37
Secure Pest Services $100
- Have a great season ladies. Walk for this great cause!!
Sonia Cruz $31
Stefanie Wildridge $129
- So proud of you keep moving forward
Stephen Gruendel $129
Stephen Muretta $125
Susan Freidman $35
Suzanne Hall
Swati Scanlon $176
- So proud to support Matt, and this amazing organization
The Blizniak Family $25
The Caruso Family $52
The Tupy Family $89
Thorn Rosenthal $125
Timothy Howell $258
Tom Kavaler $100.00
Tony Deluca $125
Trent Tedesco $45
Tsering Norpa $50.00
Tyler Bohm $26
Uncle Markie & Aunt Sue $40
Vickie Sorbara $20
Vivian Bender $35
amy mcbride $25
- In honor of Aidan McBride...a former Clark Soccer Club member and a former Valerie Fund patient who will be five years cancer free in July 2019. Have a great walk!



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