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Diagnosed at age 11 – Medulloblastoma

“The Valerie Fund has given me my life outside of chemo back. The VGo was a nice way to see what was happening in my classroom while I was out. Today, I am back at school and in the 8th grade. I’m in the Robotics Club and Girls Who Code. I also entered a baking competition at my school and my caramel chocolate chip cookies came in sixth! I love the bungee swing at Camp Happy Times and the way all of the campers and counselors cheer me on makes me feel great.”


Diagnosed at age 6 – Wilms’ Tumor

“Amaya finished treatment on September 3rd and is looking forward to her port being removed and returning to school. The Valerie Fund has been very supportive throughout this process. Being able to talk to the doctors, nurses and social services – everyone is very caring and understanding - the staff is awesome and the care is exceptional. Amaya loved fishing at Camp Happy Times!” - Amaya’s Family


Pre B-ALL Leukemia

I remember my first time meeting the team and realizing for the first time that everything was going to be ok and I’m in some amazing hands. The Valerie Fund has helped me and my family emotionally and financially. They have helped take the stress of the diagnosis off my mind like giving a scholarship for school. The Valerie Fund helps not only children but families as they go through some of life’s hardest challenges. They’re always there to support, no matter what it is.
When not at The Valerie Fund Center, I like to stay home and play video games with my friends.


Diagnosed at age 9 – Osteosarcoma

“The Valerie Fund has helped us so much. We met so many people and made new friends, bonding over the same life experience. I truly believe without the doctors and nurses, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They ensured we weren’t burdened with anything and could focus on healing. Everyone should support The Valerie Fund. They go above and beyond helping children going through such life-altering illnesses. Thanks to the great staff at The Valerie Fund, we have finished treatment. Arion is doing great and is back at school. He even went to Disney for a week!” - Arion’s Family


Diagnosed at age 17 – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4A

“Right now, I am attending NJIT in Newark and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During treatment, the educational liaison helped me to get a VGo robot so I could go to class from home and get a laptop to support the VGo program and my school work. The social workers also were always there for me to either just talk and even helped me with my Make-A-Wish. One of the best things about The Valerie Center were the therapy dogs because no matter what was happening you couldn’t be sad with a cute dog sitting with you.”


Diagnosed at age 10 - T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL)

No child or parent wants to go to The Valerie Fund, but I love going! Knowing you have a place you can go to make you feel better and provide resources is comforting and we always feel like family. Jill from Child Life (at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center) is the best and any time she is around, everything is okay. I love all the other doctors too, and Nurse Colleen, Nurse Clarita, Nurse Rosh and Nurse Megan. They always keep me busy while we wait or have big treatment days.
When I’m not in treatment I like to spend time with my family, meet new friends, swim, play Minecraft and watch the Philadelphia Eagles.


Diagnosed at birth with Sickle Cell C Disease

My parents tell me I was full of joy and a free spirit when I was born, and they loved me even more because I didn’t cry. I was born with a genetic blood disease called Sickle C. It is where some of my red blood cells are sick and do not clot properly or fight illness as well as they should. I have been truly blessed and extremely lucky because this disease has not really affected me like others that have Sickle C or full-blown Sickle Cell disease. That is why The Valerie Fund exists, to provide support to the affected families.


Non-Hodgkin’s Large Cell Lymphoma

I could’ve died two ways in that hospital. Mentally and physically. I’m lucky to have survived both and it was honestly thanks to The Valerie Fund. To me, your support would make the difference between staying sane and going through this alone. The Valerie Fund made it easy to understand what was happening to me even though there was way too much happening to understand. My family didn’t have this, they didn’t know what I felt but The Valerie Fund helped deliver the news to my family in the best way possible. They helped me understand that cancer wasn’t the end of the world.


Diagnosed week of 12th Birthday – T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – (T-ALL)

“The Valerie Fund has provided mental support for me and my family, toys and camp. I love to fish at Camp Happy Times. When I am at The Valerie Center, I like to play with the other kids or play on my iPad. I think you should donate because if some kids don’t have insurance, they can still get their treatment paid for. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for those families.”


Diagnosed at age 19 – Osteosarcoma

“Cancer is an incredibly terrible thing to experience, but The Valerie Fund goes above and beyond to make treatment easier on both me and my family. For instance, integrative medicine was always there to help me relax and feel better, or the educational liaison was always helping me with school. The events, the support system, and the people you meet – all due to TVF – shine some light on a dark and difficult time. I finished treatment before the start of the summer this year. I am now back at Rutgers University for my final year!”


Diagnosed at age 11 – Stage 4 Wilms tumor

“By supporting The Valerie Fund you are giving kids with cancer the opportunity to experience things that they have missed out on during treatment. At Camp Happy Times I enjoyed fun activities like gaga ball, dances, tubing and competitions. There, you are around people who don’t stare at your scars or if you’re bald. At The Valerie Fund Center, they helped my little brother stay occupied while my parents needed to speak to the doctors. I currently play field hockey and lacrosse for my town, do Girl Scouts and enjoy life!”


Diagnosed at age 16 - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

The Valerie Fund gave me hope and filled me with happiness. Personally, I felt devastated when I was diagnosed and I just prayed and then I looked at my uncle as an example of a survivor and warrior. He guided me to people like Maria (Palliative Care Social Worker at Monmouth Medical). Social workers are just angels on Earth to me. They do a job that not everyone can do. The Valerie Fund provides a lot of help especially for families with limited resources and the Valerie Fund Scholarship is a blessing.
I have so many favorite memories of Camp Happy Times. It was a very fulfilling experience. I made friends and met kids that I respect so much. By the end of the week, we all came out very unified and strong. We are always sad to leave but happy to have each other during these hardships.


Diagnosed at birth - Sickle Cell Anemia

“The Valerie Fund Social Worker comes to check on me and makes sure everything is good. Everyone is very helpful and very supportive of my family’s needs. I enjoy The Valerie Fund parties and givebacks to the patients. At home, I like to play video games and hang out with my friends.”


Diagnosed at age 4 – Standard Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

“The Valerie Fund has provided a safe, fun place for me and my family as I fight my Leukemia. They help distract me from the “pokes” and tests with funny cartoons on TV or games played on an iPad. They let me make some decisions of my own like choosing my own Band Aid character. They reward me with special toys and treats that they know I’d like on days when I have to be “extra brave”. I enjoy spending time outside with my big brother and/or friends playing soccer, freeze tag, nerf guns, riding scooters or bikes.”


Diagnosed at birth – Sickle Cell Anemia

“The Valerie Fund has helped me by providing comfort, support and made me smile when I didn’t want to. Please know that your support provides me with hope, lots of hope that one day your support will provide a cure! A favorite memory is attending the Walk/Run in June. It was my first time and the experience was the best! I have never felt such love and support by so many people. I will cherish that feeling forever.”


Diagnosed at age 6 – Wilms’ Tumor

“No one is ever prepared to hear that their child has a life-threatening illness. Everyone at The Valerie Fund provides an exceptional level of care and emotional and financial support during an extremely trying time for families. Your support helps keep this amazing team in place. The education staff worked tirelessly to get Rebecca access to all the materials she needed to succeed including a VGo robot for her classroom. Today, she is excelling in 2nd grade and loves how life is getting back to normal. She enjoys dance and found a new interest in acting.” - Rebecca’s Family


Diagnosed at age 11 – Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver

“My favorite memory from Camp Happy Times is the dance at the end of the week. I wore the most gorgeous dress and danced with all my friends. You should support The Valerie Fund because they will ensure the safety for your children and let them have fun. When I was a patient, The Valerie Fund gave us resources and information that was critical to our treatments and healing. Today, I am the Cheer Captain for my school, tutoring children and applying for high schools.”


Diagnosed at age 17 – Brain Tumor

The amount of care that my family and I were given as soon as I was admitted to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is all thanks to The Valerie Fund. Anything we ever needed was taken care of and that, for me, is priceless. We didn’t have to worry about transportation, medicine, assistance with bills or therapy. Every single day I felt blessed to be alive and I thank every single person who has helped me get to where I am today.
I feel that anyone who can support The Valerie Fund should definitely do so because this organization gives children and their families hope to continue on with life. It has changed my life forever. I hope that this fund continues to grow strong for many years to come and will continue to change lives.

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