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Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

On August 28, 2018, just a week before starting my senior year in high school, my life was changed. My chest hurt when I coughed so my mother took me to the doctor. The doctor sent us for a chest X-ray and half an hour later we got the call that we needed to go to Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown. The X-ray revealed a mass in my chest and I needed to be seen immediately. After a CT scan, I was admitted and being prepped for surgery. On August 29th the surgery revealed that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was the same cancer my mother had and beat 23 years earlier.

The next few weeks were a blur as we faced further testing and treatment plans. We then had to make the decision as to where I should be treated for the Hodgkin’s. My parents and I chose the Valerie Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital because it was truly a wonderful place. Everyone from the doctors, nurses, social workers and staff treated me like a family member and I felt at home there. Dr. Neier was so caring and comforting and we knew we would be in good hands. There really was no other choice for me.

I was treated with inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy from September to December. My last chemotherapy treatment was on December 18, 2018. I start the next phase of treatment which is radiation on January 7, 2019. I am grateful to have made it through my treatments and I am grateful to have been part of the Valerie Center family. My goal is to help raise money so that the Valerie Fund can continue to make a difference in other children’s lives. The Valerie Center is a special place with the most amazing people around. It really was a home away from home for me and my family. I received great care during my visits and treatments. The Valerie Center Fund helped in so many ways. They supplied me with a VGO robot that I could use in my classes so I was still part of the class. The Valerie Center education liaison, social workers, nutritionist, child life workers, nurses and doctors each had a huge impact on my life and treatment.

I will be running in the Valerie Fund 5K on June 8, 2019 and would be honored if you could join my team. You can walk, run or make a donation to sponsor me. Please help me give back to the Valerie Fund so that they can keep helping children.

Thank you!

Our Team

Alice Marques $35
Alyssa Gonzalez $35
Amanda Rodrigues $50
Andrea Sá $43
AnnMarie Santos $35
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $52
Anthony Ventura $35
Antonio Marques $35
Apusha Paghdal $81
- “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon
Beth Giannobile $26
Candi Correia $35
- Christian - (strong, brave, amazing)
Cassandra Talmadge $88
Catarina Alves $45
Christian Da Torre
Christian Ferrao
Christopher Prendergast $35
Dalila Da Torre $35
Debbie Bruno $81
Debra Marcin $52
- God bless you.
Desiree Ventura $35
Diana Guillen $37
Dominick Tucci $250
Donkersloot Family $52
Donna Merten $50
Doris McCaffery $20.00
- This is such a great thing you’re doing Christian. May God Bless you and protect you always. Love, McCaffery Family
Ed and Michelle O’Brien $26
Eileen Parenti $37
Franca Dennigan $26
Francesca Luongo $26
Gina Goncalves $37
- Lets do this!
Hope Ferrao $35
Isabella Horta $35
Jacqueline Troche $100
- You got rhia primo!
Jamie Wronski $45
Janet Hannah $45
Janet Patella $25
Jason Da Torre
Jennifer Mendez $52
- I am so proud of your strength, courage, and generosity. God bless!
Jennine Levine $18
John Cunha $35
Jose Ferrao
Julia Fioravante $37
Juliet Nordstrom $52
- You will rock this! Thinking of you.
Karen Brownson $45
Kathy Gawron $40
Kelly Bowen $25
Kevin Mccahill $45
Lidio Cruz $35
Lisa Littleford $30
Lisa Rafoa $103
Liz and David Strong $21
- So glad to get asked to help support this very worthy endeavor!
Loren Paredes $52
- Christian - Your Bravey, Courage and Strength goes Beyond Measures. All Things are Possible through Christ who Strengthens you. - Phil 4.13
Lorie Horta $35
Madelene Ferrao $39
Maria Chang $125
Maria Ventura $43
Marilene Alves $37
Martha, Jay, Sabrina & Gavin Thomas $200
Maureen Fioravante $35
Melinda Cora $52
Michael Bruno $47
Michael Gaspar $37
Michael Sot $515
- You are a fighter, survivor, and a Hero! God has blessed you and your family. Our God has big plans for you.
Mihwa Palmieri $45
Molly Cusick $35
Otilia Ellinghausen $50
Pam Roumeliotis $20
- Positive vibes....xoxo..pam... paula..popi
Pedro Ferrao $35
Raquel Ramos $82
Renato & Claudia Bernardes $52
- Christian and Ferrão family - your determination and perseverance throughout this process has been absolutely inspiring! May our God continue to bless all that you do!!
Rita F. Theile Family $515
- Glad you are doing well - Enjoy your senior year & much happiness for all your future plans
Roman Gorfinkel $86
Rosa Ferrao
Rosaria Smeraglia $20
- I am so glad to hear that Christian is strong and working so hard to beat this... what an amazing young man to be giving back to such a wonderful cause. You got this!
Russo Family Foundation Inc. $2500
Sal Fioravante $35
Sandra Santos $100.00
Shariat McCray $40.00
Silvana Place $50
Silvia Jacobson $26
Sophia Da Torre $38
Student Movement Against Cancer $300
Susan Berchtold $37
- May God Bless you always
The Mirek Family $45
- We are making a donation in Memory of Donna Lynne Schwendeman formally of Clark, NJ. God has gained another angel, taken from us much too young. A cure from cancer needs to be found. The Mirek Family
The Panagakos Family $206
Tina Horta $39
Toni Anne Petrillo $35
Tracy Zawacki $45
Vivek Machchhar $35
Wendy D’Adamo $43
William Bretz $100



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