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Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

On August 28, 2018, just a week before starting my senior year in high school, my life was changed. My chest hurt when I coughed so my mother took me to the doctor. The doctor sent us for a chest X-ray and half an hour later we got the call that we needed to go to Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown. The X-ray revealed a mass in my chest and I needed to be seen immediately. After a CT scan, I was admitted and being prepped for surgery. On August 29th the surgery revealed that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was the same cancer my mother had and beat 23 years earlier.

The next few weeks were a blur as we faced further testing and treatment plans. We then had to make the decision as to where I should be treated for the Hodgkin’s. My parents and I chose the Valerie Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital because it was truly a wonderful place. Everyone from the doctors, nurses, social workers and staff treated me like a family member and I felt at home there. Dr. Neier was so caring and comforting and we knew we would be in good hands. There really was no other choice for me.

I was treated with inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy from September to December. My last chemotherapy treatment was on December 18, 2018. I start the next phase of treatment which is radiation on January 7, 2019. I am grateful to have made it through my treatments and I am grateful to have been part of the Valerie Center family. My goal is to help raise money so that the Valerie Fund can continue to make a difference in other children’s lives. The Valerie Center is a special place with the most amazing people around. It really was a home away from home for me and my family. I received great care during my visits and treatments. The Valerie Center Fund helped in so many ways. They supplied me with a VGO robot that I could use in my classes so I was still part of the class. The Valerie Center education liaison, social workers, nutritionist, child life workers, nurses and doctors each had a huge impact on my life and treatment.

I will be running in the Valerie Fund 5K on June 8, 2019 and would be honored if you could join my team. You can walk, run or make a donation to sponsor me. Please help me give back to the Valerie Fund so that they can keep helping children.

Thank you!

Our Team

Aarti Machchhar $35
Alda Oliveira $35
Alice Marques $35
Alida Ramos
Alisa Steiner $11
Alison Bretz $35
Alyssa Gonzalez $35
Amanda Rodrigues $50
Ana Maria Gomez & family $129
Andrea Sá $43
Andrew Jolson $45
Andrew Kehrle $35
Angelo Parenti $37
AnnMarie Santos $35
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $45
Anonymous $52
Anonymous $21
Anthony Ferreira $35
Anthony Ventura $35
Antonio Marques $35
Apusha Paghdal $81
- “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon
Aracelys Muniz-Reyes $35
Arthur Da Torre $35
Arthur L. Johnson High School $500
- Project Graduation
Avi Lichtman $45
Benvinda Lourenco $15
Benvinda Lourenco $35
Beth Giannobile $26
Brian Applin $135
Candi Correia $35
- Christian - (strong, brave, amazing)
Carmen Gonzalez
Cassandra Talmadge $88
Catarina Alves $45
Cathy & Steve Donkersloot $52
- Sorry we can’t make the walk for such an amazing cause. May God Bless the Ferrao Family and all involved
Christian Da Torre
Christian Ferrao
Christopher Martino $129
Christopher Prendergast $35
Cinthya Saltos $21
Dalila Da Torre $35
Daniel Ferreira $35
David DaSilva $52
- Wish I was around to run in it! I’ll be there in spirit!
Debbie Bruno $81
Debra Marcin $52
- God bless you.
Desiree Ventura $35
Diana Guillen $37
Diane Pereira $25
Diane Spagnoli $52
- In third grade I knew you were strong. Keep fighting. Good Luck in college. Mrs. Spagnoli
Dominick Tucci $250
Donkersloot Family $52
Donna Merten $50
Donna Nugent $35
Doris McCaffery $20.00
- This is such a great thing you’re doing Christian. May God Bless you and protect you always. Love, McCaffery Family
Douglas Bartels $129
Ed and Michelle O’Brien $26
Efrain Ramos
Eileen Parenti $37
Elaine Dent $31
- What a fine young man, I love the fact that he wants to pay it forward after his battle. I hope you make your goal and wish you a beautiful and healthy life.
Elliana Ferrao $35
Emily Ferrao $35
Eric Bretz $35
Eric Bretz $10
Eric Lourenco $35
Evan Parenti $37
Franca Dennigan $26
Francesca Luongo $26
Gina Goncalves $37
- Lets do this!
Harry Gonzalez $50
Hope Ferrao $35
Huyen Chau $35
Ingrid England $37
Isabella Ferreira $35
Isabella Horta $35
Jack Bencivenga $35
Jacqueline Troche $100
- You got rhia primo!
James Cicchino $45
Jamie Wronski $45
Janet Hannah $45
Janet Patella $25
Janine Sheafer
Jason Applin
Jason Da Torre
Jean Bretz $40
Jeanine Ferrao $35
Jennifer Galluzzo $309
Jennifer Mendez $52
- I am so proud of your strength, courage, and generosity. God bless!
Jennine Levine $18
Jessica Correia $35
Jessica Gaspar $38
Jessica Gyuris $125
Jessica O'Brien $52
- We love you, Christian!
Jessica Viruet $45
Joannie Walsh $52
- Good Luck Eric!!!!
Joe DeNivo $45
John Cunha $35
Jose Ferrao
Jose R. Casimiro & Ana M. Ribeiro-Casimiro $100
Josh Hill $103
Joshua Moreira $35
Julia Fioravante $37
Juliet Nordstrom $52
- You will rock this! Thinking of you.
Justin Sheafer $37
Kaitlyn Van Bergen $35
Karen Brownson $45
Kathy Gawron $40
Katie Bencivenga $65
Kelly Bowen $25
Kelsey Anderson $45
Kevin Mccahill $45
Kevin OConnor $35
Kristen Maloney $129
- We are inspired by your strength Christian! We would love to feature you during the month of June as part of our "Quack Gives Back" program! Send us an email and we'll create a Christian donut! Kristen Maloney and Ron Bevan (Owners) (
Kristen Nahama $35
Lara Marceante $45
Larry Esteves $35
Laura Ferreira $31
Lidio Cruz $35
Linda Berry $26
Lisa Littleford $30
Lisa Rafoa $103
Liz and David Strong $21
- So glad to get asked to help support this very worthy endeavor!
Loren Paredes $52
- Christian - Your Bravey, Courage and Strength goes Beyond Measures. All Things are Possible through Christ who Strengthens you. - Phil 4.13
Lorie Horta $35
Louis Van Bergen $35
- Christian your spirit and faith inspire all around you. We all walk with you.
Lucy Gaspar $35
Madelene Ferrao $50
Madelene Ferrao $466
Madelene Ferrao $1221
- Wish bracelets!
Madelene Ferrao $39
Margarita Zas $50
Maria Caspao
Maria Chang $125
Maria Louvado $35
Maria Ventura $43
Marilene Alves $37
Martha, Jay, Sabrina & Gavin Thomas $200
Maryann Flores $45
- Thank you Christian's Crew for standing in the gap for all those affected by these diseases!
Matthew OConnor $38
Matthew Yuhas $35
Maureen Fioravante $35
Melinda Cora $52
Melody Olsen $100.00
- What a great cause to walk for...all our love and prayers to you Christian. Love, The Olsens
Michael Bruno $47
Michael Gaspar $37
Michael Pembroke $500
- With Love from The Pembroke Family
Michael Sot $515
- You are a fighter, survivor, and a Hero! God has blessed you and your family. Our God has big plans for you.
Michelle Felix $43
Miguel De Brito
Mihwa Palmieri $45
Molly Cusick $35
Nicholas Ferrao $35
Nicole Correia $35
Nolan Gaspar $35
Nuno Ferrao $35
Otilia Ellinghausen $50
Pam Roumeliotis $20
- Positive vibes....xoxo..pam... paula..popi
Patricia Van Bergen $35
Pedro Ferrao $35
Pilar Rojas $25.00
- Good luck!
Preciosa Alves $37
Punit Shah $40
- Good luck! Kick ass and take names bud!
Raquel Ramos $82
Rebecca Rabbat $52
Renato & Claudia Bernardes $52
- Christian and Ferrão family - your determination and perseverance throughout this process has been absolutely inspiring! May our God continue to bless all that you do!!
Rick Nappi $309
Ridge Street School $515
- Ridge Street School supports our friend Christian in his fight against this horrific disease!
Rita F. Theile Family $515
- Glad you are doing well - Enjoy your senior year & much happiness for all your future plans
Robert Nugent $35
Roman Gorfinkel $86
Rosa Ferrao
Rosaria Smeraglia $20
- I am so glad to hear that Christian is strong and working so hard to beat this... what an amazing young man to be giving back to such a wonderful cause. You got this!
Russo Family Foundation Inc. $2500
Sal Fioravante $35
Sandra Santos $100.00
Shariat McCray $40.00
Shaun Applin
Silvana Place $50
Silvia Jacobson $26
Sophia Da Torre $38
Steven Kehrle $45
Student Movement Against Cancer $300
Susan Berchtold $37
- May God Bless you always
Susana Raab $52
Teresa Normann $37
The Mirek Family $45
- We are making a donation in Memory of Donna Lynne Schwendeman formally of Clark, NJ. God has gained another angel, taken from us much too young. A cure from cancer needs to be found. The Mirek Family
The Panagakos Family $206
Theresa Dobbin $89
Tina Horta $39
Toni Anne Petrillo $35
Tracy Zawacki $45
Vincent Negri $20
Violeta Oleksak $25
Vivek Machchhar $35
Wendy D’Adamo $43
William Bretz $35
William Bretz $100
andy witkowski $125
janice litterio $25.00
john calabrese $52



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