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Diagnosed at age 17 – Osteosarcoma

"My first day of outpatient chemo I was able to meet college students who wanted to pursue the medical field. We talked for what seemed like hours about our favorite traditional dishes. They helped me forget I was getting treatment and helped me feel normal. The Valerie Fund helped me personally navigate my feelings, and allowed me to let my guard down They are currently helping me stay on rack with school and medical bills. When I am not receiving treatment at The Valerie Fund Center, I enjoy organizing my Senior activities for my class as the secretary. I also love planning online game and movie nights with my friends and siblings."


Diagnosed at 3 weeks old – Beta Thalassemia

"Adriana loves the prize box at The Valerie Center and gets so excited to pick a toy. She usually picks a craft she can make while she is getting transfused. She loves going to the playroom with her child life specialist, Kelly, where they play tea-party, make crafts, and draw on the windows with special markers. Once day they even had a special ice cream party and another time a live animal show! The Doctors and nurses at The Valerie Fund Center have been an incredible support system. They have comforted us when we needed it most, as well as offered many resources to our family to help Adriana navigate through her feelings about thalassemia. Not only do they help Adriana, but they are a huge support for our family. Adriana is very active! She loves doing gymnastics, playing sports, going to school and laughing with her family. She is a super happy, energetic and funny little girl!" -Adriana’s Mom, Kristen


Diagnosed as a newborn - Hemophilia Factor 9

“I'm so thankful The Valerie Fund sent me to camp hole in the wall. One of my most fond memories of being at camp is last year my friend and I got the opportunity to MC for the talent show that they hold for every session. It was overall a really fun experience and I’m glad I got the opportunity to make it.”


Diagnosed at age 17 – Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

"A very happy memory I have from being at The Valerie Fund Children’s Center was talking to the therapeutic staff. They were very helpful to me and they always asked me if I needed anything, and they were super nice! A way The Valerie Fund helped my family during my treatment was giving me mom Uber gift cards. Because we did not have a car at this time, we had to take an Uber to and from treatments. The gift cards were very helpful to my mom. While I’m not at The Valerie Fund, I love to bake! Baking is one of my favorite pastimes, and I find it very relaxing."


Diagnosed at birth – Sickle Cell

“The Valerie Fund children’s centers staffs are saints from heaven that my family sees each time we step our foot inside the center. The entire medical team works hard to care for Godfrey each time he has a crisis. Pain crisis is the worst enemy for my son, but we have faith in his medical team. Sickle Cell Disease is not curable as we all know. But we can only manager the pain and keep him comfortable whenever he experiences any type of crisis. My son feels love and cared for each time we step our foot into the center.” -Godfrey's Mom, Pricilla


Diagnosed at age 16 - Stage 4 Large Cell Lymphoma

"While at The Valerie Fund I found my love for art and painting. I received financial support and gifts throughout my cancer journey. I’m in college now, with a Valerie Fund scholarship, majoring in psychology."


Diagnosed at age 7 - Burkett’s Lymphoma

"The staff was always exceptional and positive. When Jude insisted on staying awake during his spinal infusions, Kelly always was ready with a scary movie or video to watch with Jude. Most times, Jude would be more focused on Kelly being “scared” then actually getting a spinal infusion. The Valerie Fund’s constant presence and knowledge of everything that was happening or going to happen. Jude never cried or was nervous entering The Valerie Center because he always knew he would be greeted with love and attention. Jude is currently a fourth-grade student at Rev Brown School in Sparta. He plays center on his football team and enjoys personal training two times a week. He is excited to wrestle and play basketball in the winter." -Jude's Dad, Jarrod


Diagnosed at age 5 - Aplastic Anemia

"We have many memories of The Valerie Fund staff at Newark Beth Israel and our times there, but The Valerie Fund walk event each year is one of the happiest. I really love to be there because it is one of the only times when I feel like there are other people who are like me. It helps me to feel part of a community. When I was first a patient at The Valerie Fund, when things were a little hard and I had to have lots of transfusion and treatments, I spent a lot of time in the office at Newark Beth Israel. The doctors and nurses would always play scrabble with me to keep me entertained. This made those visits much more bearable. It helped me have strong relationships with some of the nurses and doctors.”


Diagnosed at age 3.5 - Precursor B Cell Leukemia

"I have fun memories when the service dogs came to my room. It was fun petting them. At the center I remember painting, drawing, and playing with toys in the play room. Doctors, nurses, and social workers took care of me. When I went to the treasure chest it made me very happy. Also, they let me play with the iPad with fun games on it. I finished my treatment in April 2019. I rang the bell with my family and friends at The Valerie Center. I am now in third grade at School of Elizabeth. When I turned 8 years old for my birthday all my friend’s donated money to The Valerie Center.”


Diagnosed at age 11 – Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver

“My favorite memory from Camp Happy Times is the dance at the end of the week. I wore the most gorgeous dress and danced with all my friends. You should support The Valerie Fund because they will ensure the safety for your children and let them have fun. When I was a patient, The Valerie Fund gave us resources and information that was critical to our treatments and healing. Today, I am the Cheer Captain for my school, tutoring children and applying for high schools.”


Diagnosed at age 12 - Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

"I am a freshman at Berklee School of Music, thanks to the Weintraub Family Scholarship I was awarded by The Valerie Fund. When I found out I had cancer it changed everything for me. I realized that life could end at any minute and when it did you want to be happy with what you had accomplished. It was this epiphany that inspired me to pursue my passion for music."

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